3 X Classic Protein Chocolate
3 X Classic Protein Chocolate

3 X Classic Protein Chocolate

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Sun Warrior Classic Protein Chocolate 1 KG

Vegetable, raw protein powder shakes and smoothies . Perfect for athletes, vegans, vegetarians and anyone who values optimal health.

• 100% vegetable, alkaline forming .
• Provides a comprehensive and balanced spectrum of essential amino acids, including 9 essential amino acids.
• Protein -based bodies sprouted flour and bran from raw sprouted whole grain rice.
• Free of gluten, GMOs , artificial flavors and preservatives.
• Contains no soy, yeast, wheat , dyes, solvents, or added sugars.
• During biological enzymatic process at low temperature the whole brown rice grain (including germ , endosperm and bran) is used . This creates a silky protein powder that mixes well and tastes delicious.
• During manufacture no use is made of chemicals or acid hydrolysis.
• Sunwarrior Classic Protein is a highly absorbable form of protein that 98% corresponds to milk. It has a digestion efficiency of 98.2%. Much higher than other vegetable protein sources such as whey and soy. This makes it suitable for both adults and children and the elderly (over 2 years).
• Hypoallergenic .
• Protein is essential in the repair of tissue and the development of a strong body.
• Protein promotes fat burning due to the thermal effect on the body.
• Protein helps the athlete to build up the body and restore before and after workouts. Rice protein is slightly slower to digest than whey protein. This is Sunwarrior Classic Protein suited as pre-workout sports nutrition and it is a useful form of protein for endurance athletes.