Rawpasta Spaghetti 200 Grams

Rawpasta Spaghetti 200 Grams

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Raw Pasta Spaghetti 200g

Raw Pasta Spaghetti is the first superfood pasta of the Netherlands. Raw Pasta contains only 6 calories per 100 grams and is free of fat, sugar, gluten and E numbers. RAWPASTA is colored with dye from a flower. Overall a wonderfully delicious substitute for traditional pasta, rice and noodles.

It perfectly fits in a low-carb diet and is suitable for diabetics.

One bag contains 200 grams and is suitable for 2 servings.

Ingredients: Water, Konjac Mannane, Gardenia flower extract, Calcium


     Empty the contents of a package in a strainer
     Rinse Rawpasta briefly under the tap
     Add the stirring to your favorite sauce
     Enjoy a delicious healthy