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This Dopper Carrier accessory is quite the catch for your Dopper. With this hook, your bottle will always be there where you need it most: within reach. Its modern design is practical as well as beautiful. The metal hook gives it a cool look, and the dark blue ring adds that urban feel. Completely off the hook!

Suitable for Dopper Original and both Dopper Steels
Carrier is dishwasher safe up to 65 °C / 149°F
Carabiner is for handwash only
Carabiner is not for climbing
Manufactured in the Netherlands

TPE - Thermoplastic Polyether Elastomer (carrier)
Aluminium (carabiner)

Dimensions and weight
Diameter 4,6 cm / 1,81”
Height 12,5 cm/ 0,90”
Weight 19 grams / 0,91 oz (excluding packaging)