6 X Vegan Protein Blueberry 500 Grams
6 X Vegan Protein Blueberry 500 Grams
6 X Vegan Protein Blueberry 500 Grams

6 X Vegan Protein Blueberry 500 Grams

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Natural Vegan Protein Blueberry by Ekopura contains 78% protein and is fully plant based. It provides for an easy intake of additional protein. Organic pea protein, pumpkin protein, hemp protein and flax seed complement each other perfectly to provide the most complete amino acid profile including all essential amino acids (BCAAs). The addition of red beet, blueberry and 0.2% stevia provide additional antioxidants and a great taste. Ekopura Natural Vegan Protein stimulates muscle recovery, muscle growth and muscle retention.


Natural Vegan Protein is as clean and pure as possible and contributes to a healthy lifestyle. Our products are free of artificial and unnecessary additives. Ekopura vegan protein therefore does not contain allergens, lactose, GMO’s or Soy. We offer the cleanest protein out there and we are proud of that!


  • – 78% protein, 20g per portion (25g)
  • – Vegan registered (the Vegan Society)
  • – Only organic en plant based ingredients
  • – Complete amino acid profile (BCAA’s)
  • – Allergen free, Lactose free, GMO free, Soy free
  • – Suitable for Vegetariens and Vegans
  • – Only 95 Kcal per dosage
  • – Scoop included
  • – Texture: creamy
  • – Subtle blueberry taste, perfectly suited for fresh shakes and smoothies as well as baking


Organic pea protein, organic pumpkin protein, organic hemp protein, organic flax seed powder, red beet extract, citric acid, natural blueberry flavor, 0,2% stevia


Mix the protein with (coconut) water or nut milk for a delicious protein shake or add ingredients of your liking to make a delicious smoothie. Also perfect for use during breakfast. Visit our blog, Instagram or Facebook page for recipes and inspiration.