4 X Original Chai Tea 20 Bags

4 X Original Chai Tea 20 Bags

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Good news for a royal cup of tea.

Take the journey of a thousand Rajahs

Chai – be in awe, for this exotic blend once danced on the lips of Indian royalty. Today, it thrills beyond palaces. Ours is a fairly-traded bounty of gingery warmth, cinnamon glow, cardamom zing, and a black tea lift dappled with licorice. It’s magical India, in a cup.

Enjoy your exotic journey.

 Ingredients :

100% organically grown and ethically sourced ingredients: Cinnamon bark (40%), black tea (20%), ginger root (20%), cardamom pod (10%), licorice root.

80% fair trade ingredients certified by IMO according to the Fair for Life Programme –cinnamon, black tea, ginger.