6 X Whey Protein Cacao 500 Grams
6 X Whey Protein Cacao 500 Grams
6 X Whey Protein Cacao 500 Grams

6 X Whey Protein Cacao 500 Grams

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Ekopura natural whey protein is perfect for muscle recovery, muscle growth and muscle retention. Due to the high bioavailability of the organic whey Ekopura is perfect to provide your muscles with the nutrients they need after a workout. You can use Ekopura whey next to your normal diet to recover faster, grow or maintain your muscles. Depending on the dosage and the training method.


Natural Whey Protein with the smooth taste of cocoa. The whey protein concentrate that we use is derived from milk from organic, European grass fed cows. Our whey cacao is good for the immune system, contains all the essential amino acids, is loaded with antioxidants and contains 76% protein. Mix this shake with water or milk to create a protein shake with a natural cocoa flavor. Or add ingredients yourself to make a delicious smoothie. 


Our whey is derived from organic, grass-fed cows that have a good life. They spend their lives grazing freely in the open air. Only when it is too cold outside, they are brought in to stay in spacious stables. In the brief time that they are in the stables they are organically fed with dried grass from the pastures where they graze freely throughout the year.


It is our goal to bring products on the market that are as clean and pure as possible, and that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Our products are free of artificial and unnecessary additives. For this reason you won’t find GMO’s and soy in our natural whey protein. Our whey is clean and of high quality and we will keep it that way!

Mix the protein with water or milk for a delicious creamy protein shake or add ingredients yourself to make a delicious smoothie. Visit our blog, Instagram or Facebook page for recipes and inspiration.

Ingredients: organic whey protein, cocoa powder, 0.2% stevia


  • – 76% Protein Guaranteed
  • – Contains Organic Whey Protein
  • – Only natural ingredients
  • – Non-GMO
  • – Free from preservatives
  • – No artificial flavorings and colorings
  • – No added sugars
  • – Natural organic flavors
  • – Only 91 Kcal
  • – Soy and Gluten-Free
  • – Including Scoop